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RT&A's Recruiting Approach

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible candidate for each position. Our company success is based on maintaining and expanding our relationship with our clients. As such, we are more interested in cultivating lasting service relationships with clients than in executing a single recruiting transaction.

RT&A partners with its clients to create value through people for better business results. Our track record of success in meeting the needs of large and demanding organizations stems directly from the following:

• Asking questions that help articulate the spoken and unspoken talent needs of our clients
• Devoting considerable time to understanding each client's culture and core values, so our candidates not only perform but also feel they belong
• Scrutinizing candidates to present resources with the specific functional skills, experience levels, and interpersonal attributes so essential to success
• Treating all client information with the utmost confidentiality
• Leveraging recruitment specialists who have significant experience in the industries we serve.
• Appreciating the business, as well as the staffing, challenges our clients face before proposing talent solutions
• Delivering resources with not only the right skills but also with the energy, personal chemistry, and values that contribute to long-term associations fulfilling to both client and candidate
• Viewing ourselves as contributors who partner with our clients to enhance the long-term value of their organizations

Superior Execution

We focus on superior execution, speed of delivery, and reliable delivery in assignment after assignment. We stand behind every resource and talent recruitment solution we provide. We strive to provide high-quality service and fast response time for presenting candidates to our clients. Our typical turnaround time for presenting candidates is 3 to 5 business days, depending on the role.

RT&A Associates maintain strong relationships with the client to understand their recruiting needs and preferences. When a suitable candidate is identified, we validate the candidate's skill set and background facts. We seek to attract and develop high-performance candidates who will exceed client expectations for the long term.

We pay attention to both the hard and soft skill sets and then further evaluate the candidates via thorough technical and non-technical interviews, to ensure that each candidate is suitable. We will also provide technical testing when requested by the client.

We recognize that it is important, not just to build a strong relationship with the client, but also with our candidates. Honesty and integrity are important ingredients in building trust with our candidates. In doing so, our candidates tend to have a more positive attitude toward the opportunity provided. Because we are committed to delivering positive outcomes, at the conclusion of each engagement, and for several months after a successful placement, we evaluate success, measure satisfaction, and develop lessons learned about what kinds of talent and talent solutions work best for that specific client.

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