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Resume Checklist

Contact Information

• First & last name
• Street address
• City, state, zip code
• Phone (home/cell)
• Email address

Summary /Objective

• List achievements for experienced candidates
• Objective for entry-level right out of school

Professional Memberships / Certifications

• Technical certifications
• Memberships or organizations


• List any technology or skills that apply to help meet or bolster chances of landing a specific job


• List company name, job site, months/years, and job title
• Show in chronological order with most recent job listed first
• Use "inverted pyramid" style with bullet points to highlight work
• Prioritize bullet points based on level of responsibility or to tailor to specific job you are applying to get
• Eliminate bullet points, as resume increases in size with each additional job, by choosing to get rid of those responsibilities that no longer sell you or reflect where you are currently at professionally


• Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc...be clear on degree earned. Any ambiguity will lead an employer to think classes were taken, but no degree was earned.